Information about CBT/Testimonials.

Information about CBT sessions. 

In our first face to face session, which lasts for two hours I would provide an assessment/consultation, going over the problems in detail and trying to arrive at an agreed formulation with you. This is an understanding of how the problems you have are maintained in terms of the relationship between early experiences, thoughts and beliefs, emotional states, physical symptoms and behavioural patterns. I would write this down on paper for you, and most people find this experience very helpful. At that point I could give you some advice as to how to move forward, including whether some sessions of therapy would be helpful.

If you have further sessions we would typically agree what we want to go over at the beginning of the session, review homework, discuss major issues and plan the next few weeks.

The overall objective of the therapy is usually to help you to best manage your emotions in terms of the presenting problem and future difficulties.

                   Testimonials for Philip

Written comments on a piece of my clinical work from Anne Hackmann, Oxford cognitive therapy centre:  ‘a very nice piece of work...I found your approach positive, warm, encouraging and well structured. I admired the degree of collaboration and choice that you gave him’. This work scored average 5.45 out of 6 on the Cognitive therapy scale, which measures quality of therapy in a session

Comment from patient:

‘Thank you for encouraging me to bring my feelings out into the open and allowing me to show my weakness without being criticised , ridiculed or rejected…I don’t think I could have coped without your calm reassurance and sensible attitude’ (letter from patient B ).